What you might expect and a bit more

Below you find a list of the services we offer and some brief information that may be useful to know prior to making an appointment.

If you can't find the information you are looking for please contact us with your query.

We are now doing E-LabTest ordering.

This means that when a blood test is ordered it will automatically be sent to LabTests.

You will then receive a text confirming a blood test order has been made and you can go to ANY LabTests and they will retrieve the lab form online.

This service is for registered patients only
Allow at LEAST 24 hours for processing

Patients can request repeat prescriptions by either filling in the online form or leaving a message on the nurse phone 09 279 0460 - Please provide the following details Name, Contact number, Medication required and the name of Pharmacy.

You will then receive a text confirming the script has been sent to the pharmacy

If you do not nominate a pharmacy you will receive a text requesting you nominate one – please click on the link and choose from the list of pharmacies. You will then receive a text confirming the script had been forwarded to the pharmacy chosen.

If you have not seen the Dr for 5 months or more you may be required to book an appointment.


  • Script - $25.00
  • Script for a child 6-17 years - $16.00

Scripts cannot be sent through the post to individuals or emailed through unsecured lines.

We want to ensure your children are adequately protected from the many childhood diseases that once devastated our communities.

Our nurse is a fully authorised independent vaccinator and loves children!

You will be sent reminders of the dates for shots and boosters. If your child has a fever we will defer vaccinating. In all other cases please discuss any concerns with the nurse or Doctor first as there are very few contraindications to delay vaccinating.

Click here to view the National Immunisation Schedule

Adults also need their vaccinations

Tetanus is recommended and subsidised at Age 45yrs and 65yrs. Ideally it is boosted every 10yrs. If there is no record of your last tetanus and you have a dirty wound, you will be given a free booster

Hepatitis B
Many adults remain unvaccinated against Hepatitis B due to its later introduction onto the NZ childhood schedule in the late 1980’s. We strongly recommend immunisation to reduce the prevalence and spread of this very serious disease.

Reducing the spread of influenza is an important part of public health. Influenza can be fatal for anyone given the right circumstances but the elderly, the very young & those with certain medical conditions are most at risk. Influenza is free for all patients aged 65yrs and over and any one where there is a medical condition that would increase the risks associated with influenza.

If you have ever had chickenpox, you are at risk of getting shingles as you age and your immunogenicity wanes.
Shingrix is free (funded) for people who are 65 years of age.
Shingrix requires two doses given 6 months apart.
As long as the person being vaccinated is 65 when they receive their first dose, both doses will be funded.

Click here to view the National Immunisation Schedule

Travelling abroad is what Kiwis do

It is essential however that we are properly vaccinated before spreading our wings.

Even 'safe' destinations require you to be appropriately vaccinated so that illness does not ruin your holiday.

Please try to book in for your Travel Consult 1-2 months prior to leaving as many vaccines require a schedule to be completed and are most effective if immunity has been given time to fully develop.

The Travel Consult

Our nurse, Catherine, has a special interest in travel medicine and is a member of the NZ Society of Travel Medicine and a regular attendant at the annual Travel Medicine Conference to stay abreast of the changes.

She has lived in the US and the UK, travelled around Europe, Australia, the Pacific Islands, Thailand, Hong Kong, sailed the Mediterranean, spent three months trekking in Nepal including to Everest Base Camp and backpacked for 3 months around India.

She will discuss the following:

  • When are you leaving?
  • Where exactly are you going? This needs to be specific for her to tailor appropriate advice
  • How long are you away for
  • Do you have any underlying medical conditions?
  • Do you have any allergies?
  • What previous vaccinations have you had? If you have had previous vaccinations, please bring your record or a copy for her to see. This will prevent unnecessary vaccinations and reduced cost.

Catherine will advise re:

  • Appropriate vaccinations
  • Advise on a basic medical kit you should take with you when you travel, including any medications that you should routinely take with you
  • Hygiene and preventing infection when you travel
  • Diseases carried by mosquitos which may include Malaria, Dengue, Zika and Japanese Encephalitis
  • Advise re dangers associated with the areas you are visiting eg rabies or altitude sickness.

Marcus can complete minor surgeries and biopsies on site

  • You will generally need an initial consult to discuss what you would like or need doing.
  • Marcus will need to decide if it is the most appropriate course of action, if it is appropriate for him to do it or whether it requires specialist intervention.
  • He will also provide you with a quote for the surgery and surgical follow up instructions.
  • The quote will include, the Doctors time and expertise, the nurse, anaesthetic and surgical equipment costs.
  • Any subsequent consults or dressings will be at the usual practice costs.

Liquid Nitrogen is performed to remove warts, solar keratoses and skin tags

  • It involves the application of Liquid Nitrogen directly to the area involved.
  • It is a burn so infection is the biggest associated risk though it is not common.
  • This can be done by the Doctor or the nurse depending on what needs treating.
  • Prior to the liquid nitrogen areas of callous or wart may be pared back using a scalpel blade. This should not hurt and helps reduce the density of the affected area for increased penetration and faster results.
  • Be prepared to have several treatments as it is important to be persistent until the wart, skin tag or keratoses is completely gone.

Some of the more common ways in which skin cancers can appear include:

  • A new, expanding, or changing growth, spot, or bump on the skin
  • A sore that bleeds and/or doesn’t heal after several weeks
  • A rough or scaly red patch, which might crust or bleed
  • A wart-like growth
  • A mole (or other spot on the skin) that’s new or changing in size, shape, or colour
  • A mole with an odd shape, irregular borders, or areas of different colours

Skin lesions can be divided into two groups:

Benign (non-cancerous): eg. moles, cysts, warts, tags. These may be removed to prevent spreading (warts), stop discomfort if the lesion is being irritated by clothing/jewellery or to improve appearance.

Malignant (cancerous): basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas are generally slow growing and unlikely to spread to other parts of the body. It is best to remove them before they get too big to avoid a bigger operation or before they damage a vital structure eg. eyelid.

Melanoma is a serious skin cancer that can spread to other parts of the body if allowed to go untreated. Urgent removal is recommended. Even though melanoma has a nasty reputation, if it is removed before significant invasion into the surrounding tissue it is usually curable. Hence the need to have early diagnosis and surgical treatment.

Free for under 22 yrs. Contraception only: free for under 20yrs

  • Face to face consultations for contraception advice
  • Sexual health consultations
  • Depo Injections
  • Sexual Health swabs
  • CX smears
  • Gardasil Injections to prevent HPV are free for all sexes ages 11yrs – 26yrs inclusive
  • Pregnancy testing

For Jadelle (rod) insertion or IUD/Mirena insertion please contact Family Planning

If you are pregnant your maternity related consultations to the Doctor will be free

At the point of determining you are pregnant you will be requested to do a standard ante-natal blood test.

This will both confirm your pregnancy and let us know how high your pregnancy hormone (HCG) levels are.

We will instruct you when to get a pregnancy scan.

It is very important that you find a LEAD Maternity Carer as early as possible. This is very important for your health and for your baby. Most women choose a midwife, but you may wish to choose a specialist doctor (an obstetrician).

Click here to find your midwife

It is increasingly required that businesses have pre-employment medicals as part of the application process for all new employees.

Our ability to do on-site ECG, Spirometry and Audiometry means we can usually attend to most companies testing requirements.

We also do ESR legal standard send-away drug testing.

If you are interested in having us do pre-employment medicals for you, please contact Catherine Hawkins via email

It is important that we have a copy of the Pre-employment forms so we can determine both our ability to perform all aspects of the medical and to determine cost.

Marcus Hawkins is a Designated Aviation Medical Examiner for CAA (New Zealand’s Civil Aviation Authority) and CASA (Australia’s Civil Aviation & Safety Authority)

Click here for more information about Aviation Medicals...

Dr Marcus Hawkins is a Designated Medical Examiner (DME) for Maritime New Zealand

Click here for more information about Seafarers Medicals...

Just some of the advantages of Low Carb Eating

  • Effective and sustained weight loss without calorie counting.
  • Improvement/Correction of diabetes.
  • Improvement/Correction of metabolic syndrome.

Now is the time for change, to go back to a healthier way of eating. Make an appointment to discuss healthier eating options.