Aviation Medicals:

Please call the practicer directly to book you aviation medical as they cannot be booked online.

CAA recommends starting your aviation medical at least 6 weeks before it expires. This allows time for any medical issues to be addressed and for CAA clearance.


From July 1st 2018, all prices include GST.

Please note that these fees do not include the processing fees that each aviation authority may charge, or costs of any further specialist testing.

  • Initial Medical Examination & Certification $260.00
  • Resting ECG $55.00
  • Spirometry $55.00
  • Spirometry – Pre/post bronchodilator $75.00
  • Audiometry $55.00
  • Aviation Renewal + costs for any additional tests if required as above $275.00

External Testing

  • CAA Eye Exam Approx $180.00-$280.00
  • Blood Test Labtests locations (no appointment required and we can issue you a lab form)

You must bring with you

  • Proof of your CAA fee having already been paid online - New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Medical Examinations Class 1, 2 or 3 applicants are required to pay CAA an application fee of $120.75 (incl. GST) for each examination. To pay this fee, click here.
  • Photo ID (driver’s license or passport)
  • Glasses – if you are required to wear glasses you must bring a spare back-up pair also

Initial Pilot Medicals

Please note: Examination for an initial pilot license will include Spirometry, ECG and Audiometry which are all completed on site. Please allow 2 hours for the examination to be completed.